Managing VMI as the Customer: Transactional Challenges and Solutions

  • On 03/02/2021
Consigned inventory can pose special transactional challenges for customers who maintain VMI stock   Most of us know that consigned inventory, commonly referred to as vendor-managed inventory (VMI), can provide significant advantages in terms of cash flow and material availability. But what if we implement VMI for raw materials or finished goods? -- the kinds of […]
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Closing the Loop Between Sales Forecasts and Operations Planning

  • On 03/01/2021
Demand forecasting can be a practical, useful, and effective strategic planning tool when applied in the right way   A common motivation for developing sales forecasts is to drive strategic business planning decisions in the areas of staffing, capital investment, and supply chain management. Some of the challenges that many manufacturers face when attempting to […]
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Production Scheduling for Make-to-Stock Operations

  • On 02/26/2021
The right inventory planning approach is critical for effective and efficient production   Some make-to-stock manufacturers suffer from low factory efficiency and poor on-time order fulfillment despite having significant levels of finished goods inventory. These challenges are often accompanied by constantly changing shop floor priorities, increasing lead times, backorders, and overtime labor. The situation can […]
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Clean Up Your ERP Data to Achieve Next-Level Efficiency and Productivity

  • On 07/07/2020
Remediating item masters, bills of materials, or other critical data can enable important operating improvements The quality of our ERP systems' master data can often either enable or disable us from taking full advantage of our investments in enterprise automation. For manufacturers and distributors, ERP data such as items and bills of materials, as well […]
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