Inventory Optimization: Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

  • On 11/19/2019
Reduce Inventory while simultaneously reducing shortages?  Yes. For manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, the goal for inventory is to not have too much or too little. As with every goal, you need a plan … and preferably, a good one. Unfortunately, inventory planning is an area where there are common misconceptions as to how to appropriately decide […]
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What Kind of Direction is Your APS Production Scheduling Providing Your Supply Chain?

  • On 10/11/2019
We examine how an APS-generated schedule can be better used to connect your supply chain to customers’ requirements to achieve improved on-time performance ERP-based Advanced planning and scheduling (APS) functionality provides manufacturers the important ability to manage material purchase orders and shop floor production orders subject to finite capacity resource constraints.  This enables a practical […]
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Earned Value Creation for Manufacturing Businesses Preparing for Sale

  • On 07/14/2019
As we discussed in a previous article, profitability measured as adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (i.e., adjusted EBITDA) is the biggest determinant of a business’ sale price. The challenge for many manufacturers who are contemplating a sale is to quickly improve profitability so they can achieve a higher business valuation without delaying […]
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Seeking FDA De Novo Classification for Innovative Medical Devices

  • On 04/23/2019
Medical device manufacturers that develop novel new products may face a challenge when seeking FDA regulatory compliance   If a new device represents a significant innovation, then it may not be seen as substantially equivalent to any pre-existing products.  Creating a groundbreaking new technology is great, except when it comes to assessing its potential risk […]
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