Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing Consulting

Altemir Consulting provides hands-on lean manufacturing consulting aimed at:

  • Reducing past-due backlogs
  • Reducing lead times
  • Improving on-time shipments
  • Increasing production rates
  • Reducing operating efficiency
  • Increasing customer satisfaction
  • Reducing daily struggles

Manufacturing consulting areas of focus include:

Past-Due Backlog Reduction.  On-time purchasing and manufacturing is our specialty. We can work with your team to develop and implement strategies to work off backlog and enlarge your pipeline, sometimes without the need for capital investment or additional labor.  We can often implement meaningful improvements within 90 days.

Efficiency Enhancements.  We can help drive shop floor efficiency improvements to reduce cycle times, reduce labor cost, and increase productivity.

Cost Reduction.  Bill of material and engineering design optimization as well as supplier rationalization and strategic sourcing.

Staffing and Labor Assessments.  We can recommend the best allocation of labor resources and staffing levels needed to achieve cost-efficient performance without sacrificing product quality or customer satisfaction.

Lean Transformation.  Kaizen events, kanban material control, 5S, Lean MRP shop floor implementation, standardized work, value stream mapping, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and vendor-managed inventory (VMI)

Production Planning, Scheduling, & Control.  Altemir Consulting's expertise is unsurpassed in establishing effective Lean shop floor control systems to dramatically improve on-time performance.  Lean MRP is our innovative production scheduling and control methodology that uses your existing ERP or APS scheduling system to establish pull-based lean flow on the shop floor.  This is a highly desirable approach, particularly for high-mix job shops. We are also often able to implement these improvements within 90 days.   Learn more ...

Material Availability.  We can establish Lean material management processes using kanbans or JIT MRP to ensure that shop floor material shortages are eliminated.  Our ERP optimization expertise can also ensure that Procurement receives the correct purchase requirements exactly when they are needed.  Learn more ...

Capacity Planning.  We can establish metrics and strategies to help identify and overcome manufacturing bottlenecks and establish effective load and capacity management to ensure that customer demand is reliably met.

Metrics & KPIs.  We can develop and establish meaningful dashboards, metrics, and KPIs that are integrated with your systems to provide a clear view of your operation.

Sales, Inventory, Operations Planning (SIOP/S&OP).  Altemir Consulting can implement a SIOP program that uses effective sales forecasting to drive capital planning and staffing to keep the factory and supply chain ready for market upturns or downturns over the horizon.  Our unique expertise in capacity planning can transform your SIOP program into a competitive advantage.

Site Development.  Altemir Consulting can provide strategic, planning, and executional management support for the development of new sites or the consolidation and integration of existing sites.

Project Management.  We can provide project management support whether it's part of continuous improvement, a strategic initiative, or capital investment project.

Manufacturing processes we have experience with include:

  • Machining and turning
  • Sheet metal (stamping, punching, and bending)
  • Assembly
  • CNC programming
  • Grinding and polishing
  • Welding and brazing
  • Injection molding
  • Thermoforming
  • Composites manufacturing
  • Non-destructive testing and inspection (NDT/NDI)
  • Wire harness manufacturing
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Laser, water jet, and plasma cutting
  • Softgoods sewing and stitching
  • Conversion of paper, non-wovens, and plastic films
  • Mixing
  • Warehouse pick and pack

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