Mergers & Acquisition

Merger, Acquisition, and Sale

We work with corporate management, boards of directors, private equity, entrepreneurs, and family offices to realize growth, profitability, and liquidity objectives.

For Prospective Sellers:

We help prepare the business for sale by:

  • Implementing key operating improvements to increase profitability and valuation
  • Assisting with operating and accounting data cleanup and preparation
  • Developing data packages as needed to enable a smooth sales process
  • Working with ownership to develop a sound sales strategy
  • Developing marketing materials
  • Soliciting prospective buyers
  • Provide due diligence support as you interact with potential acquirers and strategic partners
  • Providing transactional support and advice

We can assemble the right team needed to realize your objectives for a successful merger and acquisition (M&A) exit.  Contact us to arrange an initial discussion where we can explore the possibilities and define a path forward together.

For Prospective Buyers:

We provide buy-side support that includes:

  • Evaluating prospective targets
  • Assisting with due diligence and business analysis
  • Providing post-transaction integration support
  • Implementing post-transaction operating improvements


Explore the Possibilities...

We welcome inquiries from all businesses, small and large, that are eager to move to the next level.  Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs at no obligation.

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