Lean MRP

Lean MRP:

Create a Pull System on your Manufacturing Shop Floor using your Existing ERP or APS System

Lean MRP is a set of innovative management practices designed to improve on-time performance, lead times, and WIP inventory using your existing ERP system.  This is not the usual “yada-yada”. The Lean MRP paradigm holds the promise of transformational change, particularly in job shop environments involving deep bills of materials.

Lean MRP focuses on setting up a stable production schedule that effectively drives the shop floor rather than vice versa.  Eliminating schedule date changes (i.e., volatility) is the first objective of Lean MRP, which gives the organization a production schedule that is rooted in customers' requirements rather than the ebb and tide of the shop floor.

With a stable schedule established, the second objective of the Lean MRP methodology is to establish a Lean shop floor control system that embodies the principles of pull-based flow using your existing ERP system.  Effective customer-driven work priorities minimize the "whiplash effect", minimize WIP inventory, reduce manufacturing lead times, and more effectively promote on-time performance.

In addition to attaining the on-time performance, inventory, and lead time benefits of a pull system, Lean MRP can also help improve the accuracy of forward-looking schedule projections (i.e., estimated completion dates or ECDs) to enable more reliable promises to the customer, particularly during initial quoting and estimating.

Lean MRP is for those manufacturing managers who have always striven for a Lean operation but nevertheless feel that a computerized system offers a more practical and scalable solution for managing a large, complex, and/or turbulent shop floor. Manufacturers in high mix industries such as contract manufacturing, aerospace, or industrial equipment can particularly benefit from this novel approach. For them, the prospects of Lean MRP offer an exciting opportunity to positively and comprehensively transform the whole of their operation as opposed to accepting isolated islands of Lean improvement that only skirt the periphery of the on-time performance, inventory, and lead time challenges they face.

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