Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP/SIOP)

We have hands-on experience successfully developing and implementing formal SIOP/S&OP operations planning processes to ensure that you have an effective over-the-horizon view of your business.

Specific areas we can help with include:

Process Roadmapping

Altemir Consulting can help develop an implementation plan to connect your sales, operations, finance, and human resources organizations through an integrated planning process.

Sales Forecasting and Demand Planning

We have the business, analytical, and technical skills to establish effective customer-facing sales forecasting, which can then be translated into demand plans for each of your operating sites and supply chain partners.

Capacity Planning

Our expertise in ERP resource-constrained capacity planning is unsurpassed and is a cornerstone of our consulting practice.  We are system-agnostic so that we are able to work with your team to get the most of your existing systems, processes, and supply chain.

Capital Planning

An effective SIOP/S&OP process can support your capital planning process to optimally respond to anticipated market upturns and downtowns.

We are system-agnostic

We have deep transactional business, analytic, database, and technical skills that can help rapidly transform the use and benefit of any ERP or enterprise IT system.

Some systems that we have direct experience with include but are not limited to:

SIOP S&OP Elements

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