90 Days to On-Time Execution
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We help manufacturers deliver on time every time by revitalizing your order fulfillment pipeline to reliably:

  • Improve on-time shipments
  • Reduce lead times
  • Reduce order backlog
  • Improve profit margins
  • Enable capacity planning
  • Improve order status visibility
  • Keep customer commitments
  • Reduce manual workarounds
  • Reduce inventory
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Prepare for growing demand

We enable you to minimize the constant daily struggles that your company's management, employees, customers, and suppliers may experience when faced with your operational challenges.

These objectives can be achieved USING YOUR EXISTING ERP because
it often matters much more HOW you use your system than WHICH system you have

We eliminate the common misconceptions, mystery, and manual workarounds that make any operation ineffective and inefficient

We are ERP SYSTEM-AGNOSTIC with technical expertise in over a dozen different systems ranging from QuickBooks to SAP. Our experience and expertise span multiple make-to-stock, make-to-order, and engineer-to-order manufacturing industry sectors from toilet paper to spacecraft.

90 DAYS TO ON-TIME EXECUTION systematically guides you in implementing five operating elements needed to establish a lean customer-driven on-time supply chain:

90-Day Fix Process

This consultative approach is well-suited for manufacturers suffering from late customer shipments, long lead times, large order backlogs, or low operating margins. The manufacturers who stand to benefit the most are those who:

  • Must deliver their products by a specified due date
  • Produce a variety of products (high mix)

The more complex the operation, the greater the potential benefit.


  • Manage Customer Orders and forecasts in a way that effectively drive operations
  • Set up manufacturing, procurement, and suppliers for success by ensuring the viability of meeting schedule commitments
  • Manage customer demand (even with "challenging" customers) throughout the order fulfillment process in a way that promotes stability and efficiency


  • Ensure correct system master data and settings
  • Ensure effective inventory planning and stock availability for raw materials and finished goods, as applicable and appropriate
  • Ensure accurate manufacturing and purchasing requirements and planned orders
Supportive Planning


  • Maintain an accurate capacity model that ensures effective shop floor loading
  • Institute scheduling practices that promote on-time supply chain execution
  • Use schedules to communicate stable customer-driven work priorities coordinated and aligned throughout the supply chain
Stabilized Scheduling


  • Manage Production Orders and Purchase Orders to most efficiently support customer requirements
  • Enforce schedule adherence at every point of the production pipeline so that on-time performance becomes inevitable
  • Manage departures from the baseline schedule (e.g., scrap, rework, and delays) effectively to meet production deadlines
Customer-Driven Execution


  • Institute operating metrics that provide management with a clear view of day-to-day performance
  • Objectively assess what data, processes, and training are firmly in place or reflect gaps
  • Design a practical management action plan to monitor, sustain, and expand your desired capabilities
Sustaining Management

Put it all together to create a tangible competitive advantage in the next 90 days

On-Time Performance

Improved Cost Performance

Customer Satisfaction

Reduced Daily Struggles