So Now You Need a Recovery Plan?

So Now You Need a Recovery Plan?

So Now You Need a Recovery Plan?

  • On 07/23/2022

What is a recovery plan?  Well, it almost always means that someone is upset.  Sometimes it's the customer.  Sometimes it's executive management.  Sometimes it's project or product management.  What it always means is that delivery dates are not being met and now you've got to come up with a plan to pull everyone out of this hole.


Claiming "Schedule Bankruptcy"

Far too often, a recovery plan consists of nothing more than rescheduling.  It's basically like claiming “schedule bankruptcy” where you take existing orders and move them to a different spot on the timeline to give everyone the false illusion that things are now going to work themselves out.

But if all you had to do was schedule orders and your factory and suppliers would then magically adhere to that schedule, then you wouldn't be in this situation.  So rescheduling is not a recovery plan.


A Manufacturing Recovery Plan that Actually Works

A recovery plan is a new prescription for how you're going to meet delivery dates.  It has to be more than just simple rescheduling.  It needs to be a comprehensive process renewal that defines a new way of working for everyone in the supply chain.  That doesn't just include the folks on the shop floor and suppliers, but also purchasing people, planning people, engineering -- Everyone who plays a role in getting the product out whether they are direct or indirect.  A more effective way of working needs to be established.  Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a need for a recovery plan


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