ERP Optimization as a Pathway to a Future System Upgrade

  • On 02/08/2019
Many manufacturers and distributors reach a point where they wonder whether they should invest in a new ERP system or simply improve the utilization of their current system.  We present a practical strategy to facilitate this decision. Businesses that have undergone a management change or have reached an inflection point in their growth may be […]
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Trivia Question: Should You Reschedule Production Whenever Machines Go Down or Workers Call in Sick?

  • On 01/13/2019
We examine the circumstances under which production rescheduling can either be helpful or hurtful in driving on-time performance.  The answer may surprise you. I suspect that the majority of manufacturing and production control managers believe that their ERP shop floor calendars should ideally be updated whenever unplanned events occur in order to keep the production […]
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Poor Inventory Accuracy and How to Effectively Correct it

  • On 01/04/2019
Poor inventory accuracy can wreak havoc on operations and financial accounting.  Organizations often make up for inaccurate inventory by purchasing or manufacturing more stock than is necessary.  The implications of ineffective inventory management practices can include low customer order fill rates, backorders, long lead times, work stoppages, underutilized labor, frequent wall-to-wall physical inventory counting, inaccurate […]
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Dallas, Texas ERP Consultant

  • On 11/08/2018
ERP Consultant - Dallas, Texas Altemir Consulting is a Dallas ERP consultant that specializes in manufacturing supply chain businesses.  We provide Dallas manufacturing ERP consultant services including: System selection System implementation ERP optimization, particularly in the areas of inventory control, production scheduling, and shop floor control We believe in instituting system and process improvements that address […]
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