Production Schedule Volatility Got You Down?

  • On 07/22/2018
Manufacturers need to step back and think about what they want to achieve with a production schedule so they can take maximum advantage of their ERP system and make it more effective   Many manufacturers are all too familiar with the concept of "MRP volatility" or "system nervousness" regarding their ERP production schedule.  The root cause […]
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Dallas Manufacturing Consultants – Dallas, Texas

  • On 05/29/2018
Altemir Consulting is conveniently located in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas metropolitan area with considerable expertise in aerospace, defense, medical devices, and contract manufacturing consulting. Feel free to contact us to arrange a free initial consulting consultation. Our services span lean manufacturing, supply chain management, engineering, and enterprise IT (including ERP). Areas of expertise include but […]
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Six Basic Requirements for Effective Production Scheduling

  • On 04/28/2018
Many, if not most, manufacturing organizations feel that their ERP production scheduling isn't what it should be.  Some firms have chosen not to employ their system's production scheduling altogether and have instead managed to forge ahead using manual scheduling methods. There are several layers of requirements that effective ERP production scheduling must abide by.  There […]
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Setting Effective Inventory Safety Stock Levels

  • On 02/15/2018
  • inventory, safety stock
The role of safety stock (a.k.a., "minimum inventory levels") and its relationship with demand is commonly misunderstood. A popular intuition is to increase safety stocks whenever an increase in demand is anticipated. However, this misses the point of what safety stock levels should be designed to do.  The use of average expected rates of demand […]
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Deconstructing On-Time Manufacturing Performance

  • On 02/13/2018
  • production control, production scheduling
Far too often, manufacturers find themselves behind the eight ball with deadlines looming on the horizon.  Managers end up relying on overtime to complete and fulfill orders.  In some cases, production schedulers modify their shop calendars to permanently include Saturdays and Sundays as working days.  Capacity planning exercises consistently fail to identify a need for […]
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