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We support the MRPeasy cloud-based manufacturing ERP/MES solution that can interface with QuickBooks Online or run in standalone mode with fully integrated financials.  This system provides powerful high-end enterprise-level material and manufacturing management capabilities at an affordable price point with ease of implementation and use.  Material lot traceability is also a strong suit of MRPeasy, which is essential for manufacturers in the medical device, food manufacturing, or consumer goods industries where end-to-end quality tracking is a requirement.

The use of "Assemblies" within QuickBooks for manufacturing is severely limited and inadequate for many manufacturers because it relies on standard costing with no opportunity to track actual costs by job or product.  MRPeasy offers a powerful, practical, and effective alternative that is tied directly to the shop floor.

This QuickBooks ERP solution provides a robust platform for effectively managing inventory, purchasing, manufacturing, and customer orders so that their financial effects can be recorded in QuickBooks.  The integrated financials of MRPeasy provide an easy upgrade path for manufacturers who currently rely on QuickBooks but want to move to a fully integrated ERP-based financial accounting package with an MES interface to the shop floor.

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